We know what makes a good story – but we’ve got more. We have the writing skills and contacts you need, too. We create and place publicity that works. It raises brand awareness, enhances credibility, recruits and motivates staff and produces greater sales and profits.

As well as traditional media we will build online communications into our strategies as this is also a very effective SEO tool; helping you command the highest possible rankings. Publicity costs much less than advertising and is arguably more effective.

It could be:

  • a new product
  • a possible crisis situation or
  • a new marketing programme.

Whatever it is, KAT has the answers. We will find ways to get you free media exposure in all its forms.

We’ll write your copy, design your promotional material and give you advice on advertising and branding. We can research other companies in the market and identify new business trends for you to capitalise on.

We do more

We don’t just write a press release and send it out. We’ll

  • constantly come up with ideas for stories about your business
  • think about photo opportunities, because a picture is worth a thousand words
  • use our media contacts to get the timing of the story right
  • call journalists and ‘sell in’ the story – getting you more coverage.

We also follow up. It’s not just one story, it’s part of a media strategy, a constant flow of ideas and coverage for your business.