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You’re having a Giraffe: KAT Marketing goes above and beyond for Colchester Zoo’s 50th Birthday

“KAT Marketing was responsible for the outstanding delivery of our 50th birthday project Stand Tall for Giraffes. Anthony Tropeano, Director of Colchester Zoo. “We couldn't have done it without them and would highly recommend their services to one and all. Thanks for making our birthday truly special and memorable!”

"Thanks for making our birthday truly special and memorable!”

The Background

Colchester Zoo is a privately-owned zoo which is home to 260 species across sixty acres of parkland and is listed as the 11th best in the world and 2nd in the UK.

The Challenge

KAT was tasked with helping Colchester Zoo celebrate its 50th birthday through the Stand Tall for Giraffes! public art campaign, which would raise funds, promoting the zoo as a popular local attraction, boost footfall, increase sales and leave a genuine legacy across the community.

The Solution

KAT managed a project spanning more than an eighteen months which encompassed a high-level of project management, design, event management, PR, digital marketing and much more. The team created and delivered a complete volunteer programme called the 'Giraffe Guardians', developing in-house training presentations, liaising and communicating with our staff and promoting the opportunity to get involved to the greater community of Essex – this programme was also endorsed by the Essex Ambassadors who were an integral part of the 2012 Olympics.

We masterminded the installation, logistics, event management and promotion for installing 112 giant giraffe sculptures out onto the streets of Colchester over a sustained period as well as a viral PR stunt at Abbey Road which reached over 20,000 social media engagement within 24 hours. This well-executed campaign also secured more than £200,000 of media coverage. KAT created a downloadable app, which saw over 11,000 downloads during the twelve week giraffe trail. After which 28 giraffes were sold at auction raising £115,400.

It was a campaign that bought together a community and had a huge economic impact for the region, creating high footfall, increase in retail sales and all whilst celebrating the creative genius and inspiration of the local unique cultural sector.


  • Event planning, co-ordination and management
  • Digital marketing
  • Audience generation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy-writing
  • Press release generation
  • PR sell-in and distribution
  • Promotional material design, distribution and reporting
Colchester Zoo KAT Marketing
Colchester Zoo KAT Marketing
Colchester Zoo KAT Marketing
Colchester Zoo KAT Marketing

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