KAT Marketing Design and Print

Design & Print

Carefully crafting and designing the promotional material for your brand is one of the things KAT team does best.

At KAT Marketing, we create vibrant and engaging designs that are guaranteed to catch the eye of your clients in person or digitally in various formats.


Your brand is what makes your business tick and at KAT Marketing we leave no stone unturned in creating a logo and full branding package which tells the story of your business and promotes your core messages succinctly and coherently.

Business Cards

First impressions count and when handing over your business card or dropping off a leaflet you have one chance to make your mark and our design team can make your company shine.

E-shots and Newsletters

Your email database is a goldmine of potential business and when you have a new product or service to push, then our vibrant and engaging emails can drive traffic to your website and convert new business quickly and efficiently.


Showcasing your business through one of our beautifully-crafted and professional brochures can bring your brand alive whether sent out to potential clients, handed out at exhibitions or displayed digitally.

Vehicle Wraps

Don't miss out on promoting your business when out and about. Our visually-stunning and fully bespoke vehicle designs enable you to advertise your brand while on the road or at events.

We can help you raise your business’s profile, boost profits and even turn your business around.