KAT Marketing Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Cultivating campaigns of strong digital marketing in Colchester and keeping brands visible online is often what comes first for our clients.

As a fully creative digital marketing agency in Colchester, Essex, we can manage your full digital presence to maximise visibility, drive traffic to your website, grow social following and target your audience online to boost conversion.

Social Media Management

Social media is now a prerequisite for any business and the KAT Marketing team will help you build a coherent brand message, create engaging content and manage paid campaigns to grow your following and promote brand loyalty.


A fully-optimised website helps drive traffic to your website and our expert team deliver a thorough audit before implementing a keyword-rich content strategy and growing an extensive backlink profile to boost visibility.

Email Marketing

The goldmine of contacts that is your client database is a resource which the KAT Marketing team will use to send highly-engaging e-shots to drive new sales/upsell, promote new product launches and maintain client relationships.


Benchmarking your digital presence is vital and our expert team can analyse your figures and offer guidance on improving your search engine visibility and see how clients are finding your business to drive future strategy.

We can help you raise your business’s profile, boost profits and even turn your business around with effective digital marketing whether you are in Colchester, Essex or surrounding areas.