Business and Marketing Strategy Post-Lockdown

05 Mar 2021

The roadmap out of lockdown has officially commenced with schools having returned on the 8th of March and businesses beginning to return to some form of normality from the 12th of April. But after over a year in what was meant to be just a 3-week lockdown, are you prepared to get back to business as (some-what) usual?


The Big Return

Many businesses – from restaurants (outdoor only) and gyms to salons and retail shops – will be able to resume trading from the 12th of April, which means you need to make sure that your business is seen and heard above the noise and buzz. Why should customers be excited for your shop or restaurant in particular to reopen; what are you offering that others are not? Create a strategy for the lead up to reopening, promoting special offers or events with organic and paid ads to celebrate your return to business. If there was ever a time to stand out from the crowd, now is it.

The KAT digital team offer Social Media Marketing services that can help amplify your voice across a multitude of platforms.


Informing your Customers

Your communication with customers (and employees) is crucial at this time. Utilise multiple channels such as your website, emails and social media to spread the word.

Dedicate a web page to your reopening plan, going into detail about dates, safety measures and anything else that customers may want to know, linking to this page in your social media posts where necessary. Our web developers can ensure that your website provides the best user experience, combined with great content to keep your target audience engaged with your site.

Keep dedicated customers up to date with your plans for reopening through email marketing campaigns and newsletters, with special offers for those subscribed to your mailing list to give them an incentive to visit you once you are open.


Complying with COVID-restrictions and Guidelines

You may be reopening, but that doesn’t mean that everything will be as it was pre-pandemic. There will likely be COVID-restrictions still in place, meaning you will have to think about the changes you may need to make to ensure your business is safe for both your customers and employees when you open. What safety measures can you put in place to maintain social distancing, reduce physical contact between staff and customers and help to continue to reduce the spread of the virus?


Summer and Christmas Events

The upcoming summer months and Christmas 2021 may be the most important times your business have ever faced. What most, if not all, customers want is for the first summer and Christmas out of a national lockdown to be unforgettable. How are you going to make that happen for them? For help with event planning for this exciting time contact the KAT team, or enlist us to help spread the word of your event with our PR services