KAT Academy – Marketing Traineeship Opportunity

19 Mar 2021

Breaking into the industry of your dreams when it comes to starting your career can be a hard hurdle to get over – whether or not you have sufficient qualifications, many entry level jobs, not just in marketing but in many industries, ask for some experience. But how can you get experience when you’re just starting out?

Enter KAT Academy! We currently have not just one, but five opportunities for a Marketing Traineeship here at KAT for up to 8 weeks, provided by The LightBulb Limited. You will work alongside the KAT team, learning invaluable skills and gaining real world experience within an award-winning digital marketing agency.

Assist with social media marketing, content creation, event planning and more alongside your scheduled additional government training with The LightBulb limited. The ideal opportunity for anyone looking to begin their marketing career through an apprenticeship or entry level role.

If you think that spending 8 weeks as an honorary member of the KAT Pack is the perfect stepping stone for your marketing career, apply now over on the GOV website here