New Year Resolutions for your Business

20 Dec 2021

With Christmas over and done with, what will be the first steps for your business in a fresh new year? It would be foolish to just forget the challenges we will face in 2022, the global pandemic most obvious of course, but there are some certainties, even within the uncertainties, that can help create a clear strategic pathway for your business.

Organisations will need to be nimble and agile in the coming 12 months, reacting to a world that is changing faster than ever, but what action plans do businesses need to have in place as their New Year Resolutions for 2022?

Long before lockdowns and the like, there was already a trend for global and national brands to communicate a commitment to local – meeting their customers where they were and engaging them in a more personal way. Add in Brexit, supply chain issues and restricted travel, and the result is an acceleration in this direction of travel. Local is good, and for SMEs to get that message across to customers in the right way is an opportunity that can’t be missed right now.

Trust is another key motivator of the moment. Consumers want to relate to brands and business leaders representing honesty, reliability, and humility. Whether we want the same from our political leaders remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that compassion has corporate collateral, so to keep turning a profit, businesses need to show they care about much more.

One of the most critical issues to care about is climate change. Consumer pressure is likely to lead the way ahead of legislative pressure, but companies will be left with no excuses for not eliminating or dramatically reducing the environmental costs of doing business.

Forward-thinking businesses will be using these times of change to welcome innovation to create more efficient and environmentally friendly working practices. Businesses frozen by a fear of what the future holds, run the risk of not being around to enjoy that future.

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