Blog posts are great for if you want to provide relevant, more detailed content for your customers. Regular posts keep your audience engaged, informing them on new products, projects that your business have been working on and up to date viewpoints on industry. During lockdown, many people are spending more time online, so providing useful content to an even bigger audience is key.

Use the right voice for your demographic. Trying to write a blog post without any knowledge on who you are writing for would be like throwing a birthday party for someone you know nothing about. If you know your target audience, put yourself into their shoes. Would they be more engaged by an informal or formal tone, is a lot of jargon going to put them off or make them feel comfortable knowing your conversing in their own language? Do they want to be informed or do they want to be entertained? You can use tools such as Google Analytics to get more of an insight into who it is you are posting for, allowing you to tailor your content to suit your readers, as well as using social media platforms to interact with and get to know those who are following your business.

Keep it relevant. People want to be able to relate in some way to what they are reading about. For example, theme your posts around whatever season you are in, utilising them to promote your stock of winter or summer products. Keep on top of what has been in the news or what is trending on Twitter, producing content on subject matter that can then relate back to your business and the services you provide.

Get everyone involved. Your employees are a great resource – use them. Each person who works in your company will have a skill or topic that they are well informed in. Pick their brain for information to use in your posts or ask them to write one themselves. If you do have multiple people writing for your site, check that each post is written with the same tone of voice to keep things consistent.

Speaking of consistency… Develop a schedule or plan on what content you will be writing and when it will be posted. Things change with time, so posts may be held back or pulled forward if a certain topic becomes more relevant that week than the one you originally had planned. By always posting weekly, biweekly or monthly, your audience know when to expect a new post to go up on your site, keeping them engaged with fresh, regular content.

Leave them wanting more. Blogs are great for keeping your customers and/or clients informed and staying up to date with your business, but don’t get too carried away with the keyboard. Some may glance at a lengthy blog post and lose interest in reading it or will simply not have the time. Stick to getting your point across without adding in unnecessary information or filler sentences. Give them enough so that they want to learn more about your products, services and who you are as a company.

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