Getting your content marketing strategy back on track

11 Oct 2023

Content has always been king online, with the best content attracting attention and tempting traffic back to a website.

And never has content been more important than now.

Google launched its Helpful Content Update last year with its sights set clearly on punishing ‘SEO’ content driven by search terms and not people.

At the heart of this Google philosophy is content being new, informative and useful to users, rather than crafted to rise through the rankings.

A Google update brings SEO experts out in a bout of cold sweats thinking about how to negate any changes and keep rankings on the up.

So how do you transform you content marketing strategy to be for the user and not the search engines? If it seems challenging, don’t worry… we have a top tip for you.

One thing that you have as a business is knowledge of your field, making you a bit of an influencer in the making.

Now it’s time to maximise that expertise into top quality content.

No-one knows your business better than you as you live and breath it. Your daily discussions with colleagues will centre on your industry and the challenges it brings for either you, or indeed your clients.

You can speak with authority on your specialist subject to provide relevant, up to the minute and insightful blogs on your website.

If something is changing the face of your industry or interesting to you and your team, then chances are people will want to read about it.

Just because no one is talking about it, or more importantly, not searching for it, don’t be afraid to get in front of the curve and be driven by search volume alone, but instead craft genuinely new and discussion-driven content.

By sharing this understanding or adding your opinion to current news or trends you can become a trusted voice, the go to person or business.The secret to future ranking success is to get ahead of the pack and to become the frontrunner in the race for search engine prominence.

As a digital marketing agency we can help you to provide informative, intelligent and insightful copy written in a clear and entertaining way. That’s our area of expertise and we can share that with you, so get in touch with our team on 01206 765544.