Is Your Website Ready for the Googlebot axe?

14 Jun 2024

Anyone with a working knowledge of digital marketing will know that the algorithms Google uses to rank websites is a constantly moving beast.

While the ‘dark arts’ of this process are supposed to remain secret, with marketers across the world tracking changes to achieve the best possible SEO performance, there are some established methods of best practice.

A key element of that in recent years has been ensuring a website is correctly designed to be viewed both through a desktop PC as well as mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This is not only important purely from a user engagement and customer service point of view – obviously it’s important for visitors to your website to enjoy a good experience where they access it via a desktop or mobile device.

Critically for SEO, however, Google has recently announced that it’s completing the transition to mobile-first index for Google Search.

Over the years, Google has used a mix model of desktop Googlebot and mobile Googlebot, but as the number of sites not accessible on mobile has diminished over time, Google has made the decision focus exclusively on its Googlebot Smartphone crawler.

After July 5, 2024, Google has confirmed that it will crawl and index all sites with only Googlebot Smartphone explaining that this is part of its strategy, ‘To simplify our systems, and to make it easier for sites to debug issues related to device types’. This means that if your website's content is not accessible at all with a mobile device, it will no longer be indexable by Google.

While the majority of websites are already designed with compatibility with mobile devices in mind, it is further evidence of just how important it is to incorporate usage across smart devices. In fact, the way content is seen and engaged with through your website via a mobile device should be the starting point for website design rather than an afterthought.

At KAT Marketing, our expert UX/UI designers approach every website with a comprehensive plan to maximise user engagement across all platforms, helping you to give a great online experience to all your online customers and also optimise your SEO performance through the structure, planning and content of your website.

If it is time for a fresh approach to your website, speak to our team and find out how we can help create a future-proofed site that is easy for your next client to find.