How to Harness the Power of AI

02 May 2024

Image Rights have long been a precious commodity for big name celebrities, but the authenticity of who we are as people and protecting the intellectual property of what we create has been brought back to the fore thanks to AI.

While many musical artists have gone on the offensive advocating a litigation approach, British singer, dancer and actress, FKA Twigs, has embraced the virtual world by using artificial intelligence to create her own ‘authentic’ deepfake.

Dubbed ‘AI twigs’, this artificial intelligence innovation will be a version of Twigs’ creative persona who will actively interact with fans and journalists.

FKA Twigs has previously spoken out passionately about how important it is that celebrities and artists have control over the ways in which AI is used to generate material that incorporates their voices, looks and personalities.

This move to create her own deepfake is a bold attempt to control the public arena and the way her art is perceived and received. And it’s no knee-jerk reaction. Twigs has said herself, “In the past year, I have developed my own deepfake version of myself that is not only trained in my personality but that also can use my exact tone of voice to speak many languages.”

Communicating with audiences in French, Korean and Japanese will now become second nature, and in fact, it won’t involve any contribution from Twiggs at all.

AI twigs will enter the public domain later this year and is certain to be prevalent in social media interactions – giving more time for the artist herself to concentrate on her art and find inspiration for her next creations.

What remains to be seen is how satisfied her fans will be to engage with an AI creation, however official and however realistic. What value will her audience place on the authenticity of the artist or will good content just be good content, regardless of how it is created?

One thing that is clear is that FKA Twigs is not sitting back in the battle for her own representation. As a global star, her identify is certain to be mimicked through the increasing implementation of AI in our culture. However, harnessing its power herself and taking control of her own narrative might just put her in the driving seat.

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