World Social Media Day

30 Jun 2022

Happy World Social Media Day! It’s no secret how much social media has an impact on our day-to-day lives – we live in a generation where you know you are desperate for an answer if you are checking the second page of Google. This day was created by Mashable in 2010, to recognise the success of social media and celebrate it… overall, fair to say it has come a long way since the MySpace days.

So… what’s gone down on social media so far this year?

You can’t deny that when you see that buzzworthy product appear over and over on your screens – you want to give it a try. Many brands have had their fair share of victory from their social pages and activity this year. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the biggest success stories feature on TikTok, which itself is growing in popularity.

Binley Mega Chippy – ring a bell? The Coventry fish and chips restaurant have recently taken the social media world by storm, with its joyful tune landing on millions of TikTok users’ ‘For You’ pages. Their quick rise to stardom, with their first video racking in over 170k likes, resulted in followers travelling miles just to try out their offer of the classic British meal and share it online. They have even had some visits from popular influencers – including 17-year-old sensation Ollie Ball.

Life was sweet for Little Moons in 2021, when their mochi ice cream brand went viral overnight on TikTok. The bite-sized Japanese treats inspired millions of young users to hunt around the supermarket shelves in the hopes of finding a sought-after box of snacks… all because of one short video. The brands success has continued into 2022 and their social presence remains popular across all platforms.  

Ryanair flew to social fame with their TikTok page this year. The budget airline has had huge success, uploading humorous greenscreen content, gaining an astounding 14 million likes.

Crocs have made a comeback in recent months. It may have taken them 10 years to be the next mainstream style craze, but their recent exposure has made up for it, with fans posting about their new funky foam clogs left, right and centre. #Crocs has managed to earn an impressive 4.4 billion views on TikTok and 2.3 million on Instagram.

Consumers have also stayed on top of the debateable topics via social this year. If you’re not on your phone, checking #LoveIsland on Twitter, when ‘relationships hit the rock’, what are you doing with your life? A popular topic that got socials users endlessly scrolling the past few months has been the content surrounding Johnny Depp v Amber Heard in court. It didn’t end there for the social media uproar this year; Will Smith got his viral moment after his live physical dispute with Chris Rock, on the 94th Academy Awards.

2022 has seen the expiry of Instagram likes, with the photo and video sharing platform enabling a filter in which you can hide how much engagement your post has received. Has your new selfie not secured as many clicks as you’d want? Just hide the likes. Mark Zuckerberg also took a huge step this year, renaming his brand ‘Meta’; the Metaverse, with its immersive virtual world, is predicted to be the future of social media and beyond.

One new social app is getting a huge number of downloads this year: Be Real. This up-and-coming phone app is set to be the next big thing, allowing users to witness content in real time. Every user is notified at the same time every day, prompting that it is time to capture and share a photo; you then have 2 minutes to shoot and upload your content, without the manipulation of filters.

We can’t wait to see what 2023 has to offer for social media and what new trends will evolve. Get in touch with the KAT digital marketing team to discuss our guidance and social media service for your business.