Is The Universe Trying To Tell Us Something?

08 Sep 2021

Life-changing and world-changing occurrences are coming thick and fast. You may remember a little thing called Brexit, that couldn’t be moved from the front pages. That was until a global pandemic, made Brexit almost irrelevant for 12 months or so. Throw in a fuel crisis and a blackout for Facebook’s social media platforms and place it all in a cauldron of the realisation that the climate crisis is no longer a can (albeit a recyclable one) that can just simply be kicked down the road, and you have a spicy recipe for both business turbulence, but also business opportunity.

If the universe is trying to tell us something through this cacophony of consequence, what’s the lesson for businesses to learn? Each business will have its own specific needs to address, but for me, the ones that will prosper best and seize the right path forward will be those that are robust, adaptable and ready. Robust in the sense that they know their target market and have established a reputation of trust and good service with their customer base. Adaptable in the way they sell products and services, and in the types of products and services they sell. And ready. Ready to move into a new market as the needs of customers change. Ready to react nimbly and immediately to keep sales strong when a crisis strikes. Ready to reach new and different audiences by growing the influence and impact of your business and its marketing.

The evidence is stark, that companies that rely too heavily on bricks and mortar, that remain too entrenched in traditional business models and that don’t open their eyes, and more importantly their minds, to the opportunities of change, put themselves at significant risk. Standing still leaves us standing in the past.

If the universe is trying to tell us something, that message won’t just come through one social media platform or just via a handshake on the street. That message will have breadth, depth, creativity, range and appeal, reaching us in ways that touch and influence the right audience. If you’ve heard the message… is your business ready to respond?

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