What’s on trend in design?

01 Feb 2024

KAT Marketing’s design guru, Lorraine Brown, brings together a collection of the latest on-trend inspirations that will be helping to shape her design work over the coming year.

Staying up to date with the latest trends in design is essential to make sure your messaging remains relevant and engaging for your audience, whether that’s in the look and feel of your social media graphics, logo design or printing and signage associated with your business. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the graphic design industry, Lorraine Brown has seen many trends come and go, so no one knows better exactly what to look out for to be bang up to date in 2024. Here are just a few of her ‘not to be missed’ inspirations. 

A little bit of AI

AI has already worked its way into most mainstream design apps and software programs, but in the year ahead brands are likely to be looking to jump on the AI bandwagon – starting to incorporate assets that are either AI-generated images or tap into an AI look.

Refined luxury

No logos, no bling. Yes camel, yes cashmere. 2024 is a time for a quiet, luxurious aesthetic. High-quality, timeless clothing and accessories are set to appeal to an aspirational audience and these themes will come through in many elements of design this year. Subtle details and thoughtful touches will be matched with neutral colours rather than attention-grabbing boldness. Less is the new more.

Are you ready for your close up?

Hyperreal photography is on trend for 2024. Expect ultra high-definition photographs which are juicy or liquid in texture, very sharp, with glossy details and that wet look with high resolution. This is in part inspired by mimicking AI imagery through high-definition effects and filters. 

Coloured past

The Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows were a celebration of vibrant colour, full of pastel hues such as lilac, blue, burnt orange and yellow, and a clear nod to the optimistic colours of the 1950s. Expect these colour trends to flow into all aspects of design.  

Type on trend

Condensed serif fonts will be at the top of your favourites in 2024. Understated serif fonts deliver on creating a quiet luxury and elegant mood. Slightly 1970s, without being too retro, these fonts will be particularly popular in partnership with lifestyle or fashion imagery.

Be bold, be minimalist

Clean, striking visuals that make an impact with fewer elements are very much en vogue in 2024. This is a season of efficient, precise communication. Be purposeful with bold colours and strong typography. Simple yet powerful designs that stand out from the crowd will be at the heart of every success story.

Handy tools

Hand-drawn and organic elements will feature prominently this year. Expect illustrations, doodles and hand-styled fonts to bring a human touch to designs. These aspects will create a sense of authenticity and uniqueness in design, which will appeal particularly for businesses aiming to establish a more personal and relatable brand story.

If you are looking to add these inspirations and insight into your design requirements in 2024, get in touch with the team at KAT Marketing. Call us on 01206 765544.