KAT Marketing PR


As a well-established PR agency in Colchester, KAT has the public relations nous and contacts to make your story news across Essex.

At KAT Marketing, we have the wordsmiths within our agency to create the buzz around your PR and the contacts across Colchester, Essex and London to place it appropriately to raise brand awareness, enhance credibility and get results.

Content Creation

You may think that you have nothing to say, but we will drum up stories from every aspect of your business to produce engaging and relevant public relations for key publications in your industry within Colchester and beyond.

Creating Your Story

Whether you have won new business or are launching a new product we can weave your core messages into newsworthy PR content ready to be picked up by relevant influencers across Essex.


PR is not just about mailing your story to a database and forgetting about it, our team will liaise with publications to ‘sell in’ your story and create photo opportunities if applicable.


Once your story is out there you need to see its success and our PR agents will constantly be on the lookout for uptake and report back to you with the fruits of our labour.

Crisis Management

Some say no press is bad press, until they’ve experienced it. AT KAT Marketing our public relations team in Colchester have seen it all and can guide you through turbulent times and make sure you come out the other side with your brand and reputation intact.

We can help you raise your business’s profile, boost profits and even turn your business around.