Quality Assurance and Complaints Procedure

Mission/Quality Statement

KAT Creativ Ltd t/a KAT Marketing (KAT) aims to provide creative, practical and cost-effective marketing solutions to fully meet client’ 'needs.


KAT strives to maintain the highest professional standards in all its activities. Underpinning its work are a number of fundamental values:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Openness and accountability
  • Professional approach
  • Understanding of clients' needs
  • A desire to produce the best and most creative solutions
  • Regular communication

Scope of Quality Assurance

All staff are expected to accept individual and collective responsibilities for the quality of their own work and for personally following the guidelines laid down. While the Managing Director is responsible for defining quality policy in specific areas within the company and for ensuring that all staff working in these areas are aware of this policy, implementation of the policy is the responsibility of the senior staff members responsible for that area. Staff will be expected to co-operate with all regulatory authorities in the conduct of audits, disclosing of information, confidential or otherwise, requested by legitimate inspectors for quality assurance (QA) purposes. The Managing Director, where needed, signs for quality documentation, on behalf of KAT.

All staff engaged in Marketing and PR activities will work to the highest standards and report to the Client Marketing & PR Director any occurrence that may affect the conduct of their operations. To help facilitate a high standard across the company, KAT has established an internal review process to regularly analyse operating procedures and amend as necessary. It is the responsibilities of senior staff to ensure that relevant documentation (e.g., Standard Operating Procedures) are available to all relevant personnel to enable them to carry out their tasks correctly.

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to getting things right first time and will promote excellence by continually seeking to improve our service. We will seek to lead by example and will regularly review our processes and systems to identify where we can do things more efficiently and where we can provide a better, improved service to our customers.

We welcome comments and complaints as they help us to review our service and decide where it can be improved. We will ensure that all comments are considered and will review our service in the light of comments. We will deal with all complaints efficiently within 5 working days and put things right that have gone wrong as soon as we can. We are confident that most queries or complaints can be resolved quickly at a local level but where this is not possible we have established a formal complaints procedure through which our customers can put forward their concerns simply and conveniently.

Making a Complaint

If a customer wishes to make a comment or complaint about any element of an event, they will have a number of avenues open to them. While they can directly approach a member of the team at the event, the preferred method is to outline the comment/complaint on the “Event Evaluation Form”. The other alternative is to contact a member of KAT Creativ’s staff in person, by telephone or in writing. In this instance the member of staff will pass the complaint onto the Account Manager for investigation. Should this course of action be inappropriate or if the customer is not satisfied with the response, they can write to the Managing Director.

We will acknowledge all comments and complaints within five working days and provide an estimated date for sending a full reply along with a named contact for follow up purposes. It would be exceptional if this exceeded five working days. If an investigation is required, which could delay the ten working day target, an interim reply explaining the reasons for the delay will be sent.

However, we find complaints are the exception, rather than the norm, and a large percentage of feedback can be classed as “suggestions for improvement”.

When we respond to a customer complaint, which is upheld, we offer a full explanation, an apology if appropriate along with assurances for the future. We will provide the customer with details of the action we will take as a result of the complaint.

We endeavour to investigate all complaints fully and fairly and will always do our best to resolve the issue using our own procedures. If customers are not satisfied with our response they have recourse to ask for a review of the decision by the Managing Director.

When a complaint has been cleared, all documentation must be passed to the Managing Director who retains the information in a central file.

The Managing Director will review the complaints log periodically to ensure all outstanding complaints are being cleared. All complaints are kept on file for a minimum of five years.

Upon receipt of a comment or suggestion for improvement, a member of the team will initially correlate the frequency that any similar comments were received. These will all be added to a report, which is evaluated by the Events Manager. Should any comments/suggestions occur in excess of the minimum frequency, or be deemed as important in regard to Health and Safety, these will be logged and incorporated into the future event design as part of our Continuous Improvement policy.