Email Marketing in Colchester, Essex

Vibrant, eye-catching and action-driving email marketing campaigns

The goldmine of contacts that is your client database is a resource which the KAT team will use to send highly engaging email marketing campaigns to drive new sales/upsell, promote new product launches and maintain client relationships. Your email database is full of potential business and when you have a new product or service to push, then our vibrant and engaging emails can drive traffic to your website and convert new business quickly and efficiently.

Action-driving e-marketing and e-shots

The success of any email marketing campaign is solely down to the actions taken by the customers receiving them. An untailored and irrelevant e-shot can decimate your database, so it’s vital to create bespoke content for each individual segment. The KAT team will craft the perfect correspondence to not only make sure it gets opened, but also to drive actions that will result in conversions or leads.