About Us

KAT are a team of strategists, designers and content creators with a wealth of knowledge and passion.

We collaborate with company stakeholders to provide brand clarity through best-in-class strategy, high-level creativity and customer-centric content that delivers meaningful engagements which accelerate business growth and drive profitability.

We enjoy getting to the very core of a business, developing and growing brands with great strategy and design is our core strength.

Our Values

Our values define who we are, who we hire, how we work and the service you can expect from us.


We’re open minded and will always ask questions that challenge the status-quo.

Honest & authentic

We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations or hold a mirror up to ourselves or our clients.

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Big Boss

Hello there! I'm the Owner and Director of KAT Marketing and quite simply put – we're here to help. Skilled, creative and, most importantly, reliable. The KAT team know what they are doing and we all really care about doing a brilliant job for you! We look after your spends as if they are our own and we operate with vast experience, informed and updated knowledge and integrity. Marketing is educating others about your company. Everything about your business in some way speaks to your different audiences. Let us help you with what to say... and where, when and how too! We'll explain to you why without the jargon as well :)

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Hello, it’s Kate! As an Account and Event Manager at KAT Marketing, my top priority is always to maintain effective communication with clients to ensure their marketing needs are met. During my time at KAT, I have planned and managed many events for our clients. Events touch every element of marketing which I love, perfect to let my organisational skills shine. I have been part of the KAT pack for some time and the close working relationships we build with our client’s sets us apart. Secretly I am dog person, unusual at KAT, and I walk a lot with my grumpy dachshund – shhh don’t tell!

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I’m KAT’s Head of Digital and resident wordsmith. You’ll find me crafting content marketing strategies, press releases, honing our clients’ SEO strategy or tweaking PPC and Paid Social campaigns to drive leads and conversions. What little bit extra do I bring to the dressing room? The team would probably say ‘unhealthy’ levels of cynicism – the legacy of my journalistic past – which, I like to think, keeps everyone heavily grounded.

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Hello! From proof reading, copy writing, event planning, social media, sales calls, e-shot designs – I do a little bit of everything and more! The team would likely say that my accuracy levels and attention to detail are the main strengths I bring to the table... that, and a deep-rooted appreciation for Disney that is fundamental to our office breakouts of joyous song :). The culture at KAT is to collaborate, be positive and apply each of our individual skills to getting the job done – and done well.

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Hi! I’m Lorraine, the Graphic Designer here at KAT Marketing. I have a passion for design and love the challenge of creating just about anything for KAT and our clients – from website visuals and social media graphics to logos, brochures and magazines. My job is to help bring a business to life through creative branding that represents who they are as a company. I love exploring new places and trying different foods… but am also partial to a Haribo or two!

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Hello! My name is Shelley, and I am in charge of Accounts and Administration at KAT. I make sure that all of our client’s accounts are running smoothly, as well as managing KAT’s own various accounts. When I’ve not got my head buried in an Excel spreadsheet, I love to spend time outdoors with my family and dogs, soaking up as much sunshine as the British weather offers.

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Web Geek

Hey, it’s Alex! My role as Web Developer at KAT involves building websites for an abundance of clients to fit their specific needs. I look after the maintenance web service contracts for clients to ensure everything the site is up to date and analytics reports to show how their site has been performing over time. My loves in life include the gym, football, pizza and more pizza. I might sound like a lad but put me in the same room as a spider and I’ll quickly prove you wrong.

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Brian, aka IT superhero, here! As KAT’s I.T. Manager I provide digital support for both the team and our clients, ensuring our CRM is always up to speed. As long as I’m armed with a liter bottle of Coca-Cola, I can always fix it. A perfect day for me would include a day out at a beach or a park with my kids, McDonalds or KFC for lunch and finishing the day on the sofa watching the latest action movie.

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I'm a full stack web developer at KAT and I can create anything online that you might need by building it with code - think back-end functionality, the dashboard of a website, whole booking systems, CRM integrations as well as ensuring front end delivery, user experience and much more.

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Your local Instagram guru! You’ll find me managing social accounts for our array of clients and using my writing skills to create blog and social posts. As an apprentice though, I do my best to stick my nose into what I can, from helping to manage events to creating email campaigns, as I’m always trying to learn something new from my colleagues. Staying on top of the latest trends and giving a… um… fresher opinion, I keep the team young and in the know.