Virtual Events & Webinars in Colchester, Essex

Producing engaging virtual events and webinars that drive engagement

We were delivering events digitally before COVID-19 and we believe that delivering virtually can save time and create flexibility. Ultimately, a hybrid event can help attendees to connect in the way they wish to connect, too.

We work with a variety of integrated digital platforms to suit your needs, and those of your event, and we can help and provide advice in an informed way. Build your audience online and have a 'take-away' that makes them want to come back again and again.

Virtual recruitment fairs and virtual exhibitions

The digital transformation of some events has led to an increase in the opportunities available for webinar delivery as well as virtual software for exhibition halls and career fairs online. KAT are used to working with a variety of different platforms, creating and uploading content whilst facilitating the event for all parties.