Colchester Severalls BID

The Background

Ten Northern Colchester businesses oversaw the creation of a Steering Group to look at the potential for a Business Improvement District (BID). This led to CRM Consultancy being commissioned to carry out an independent feasibility study into the possibility of introducing a Business Improvement District (BID) into the Northern Colchester Area and KAT Marketing being commissioned to provide the comms and digital support.

A BID is a business-led partnership that enables coordinated investment in the management and marketing of a commercial area

The Challenge

To create an election campaign set of comms and support tools to the steering group to assist with the feasibility stage of a Northern Colchester BID.

The Solution

A website was created a central landing point of information to direct businesses too. FAQ's were created for the legal procedures and stages for the steering group to adhere to at various dates along the procedure. Press releases and networking events for information delivery and feedback, alongside questionnaires and surveys were delivered and analysis reported. Due to Covid-19, the website was repurposed as a business support hub for the business park and this will be picked back up again to start in October 2020, with a view to the ballot now taking place June 2021.