London Borough of Havering

KAT Marketing have a long-established relationship with the London Borough of Havering (LBH), having delivered the Business Awards Programme for over 10 years. LBH is one of the biggest of the London boroughs and we have worked with them on a number of projects, from promoting a new incubation centre to business generation.

The Challenge

To develop a Young Entrepreneurs Programme to be launched in partnership with education providers in the LBH and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, encouraging young women to develop their entrepreneurial skills in the manufacturing, engineering and technology sector. KAT was to liaise with LBH and one of the other partners, The Centre for Engineering

The Solution

KAT created two engaging programmes to meet objectives in an inspiring way, promoting behavioural changes:

YEP Digital and Women in Tech.

KAT was responsible for the entirety of each programme, from sourcing partners to engaging with education providers. Other tasks included agreeing content, generating audience and participation in the programmes, and sourcing a judging panel – as well as inspiring speakers and demonstrations – for free. KAT took on all event management from risk assessments, registration, AV, workshop hosting, press liaison through to reporting.

Empowering Students

KAT created the Women in Tech event with an entirely female-led programme with a packed schedule of workshops, demonstrations and talks from leading women working in technology. The event inspired and motivated young women to develop their IT and coding skills and empowered students to envisage what can be achieved from a career in technology. The programmes were very successful, well attended and received excellent feedback.


“KAT Marketing developed and ran a fantastic Young Entrepreneurs Programme for us, aimed at helping to inspire young women in Havering into a career in technology. For the Women in Tech event they sourced an absolutely incredible and influential speaker programme, including live demonstrations and comprehensive workshop program which helped to pique the interest of more than 100 female students.

To get so many local schools involved was highly impressive and to see so many students engaged was a sight to behold. KAT’s expertise and delivery went beyond the brief and made the programme and event a huge success.”

Sarah Moss, Business Development Officer, London Borough of Havering