Mulberry & Flitch and Salon Deliver

Website design to drive commercial success

What was the project?

KAT Marketing was asked to develop two websites for a client that was looking to use effective e-commerce and engaging content to deliver a growth in the commercial success of two individual brands.

At the time of taking over the project, the Mulberry & Flitch website was using the Wix platform and had a rather dark and dated look. Meanwhile, the Salon Deliver website was to be a completely new website aimed at helping hairdressers to improve their business through inspirational content and expert advice.

What was involved?

After an initial UX/UI assessment (analysing user experience and user interface design) a new structure and layout was agreed with the client for the new Mulberry & Flitch website before a comprehensive rebuild commenced.

For Salon Deliver, designs were discussed for a brand-new website to deliver business support for hairdressers. Content would include educational videos of styling techniques and best business practices as well as exclusive access to a wide range of hair products at trade prices for logged in members.

Mulberry & Flitch Homepage Before
Mulberry & Flitch Homepage After
Salon Deliver Website
How did it go?

Recognising the value of the Mulberry & Flitch website assets, KAT migrated the products and content over to be a part of a much fresher, fully responsive design on WordPress which also incorporated the WordPress eCommerce platform, WooCommerce. This provided not only a more modern and interactive look to the site, but also better suited the core objective of showcasing the Mulberry & Flitch salons and allowing customers to purchase hair care products online.

Consistent with the Mulberry & Flitch website, the Salon Deliver website was also built specifically using WordPress and incorporating WooCommerce. As with each website that KAT Marketing builds, these websites were designed to be fully responsive to ensure perfect presentation on mobile, tablet and desktop.

The results

The new Mulberry & Flitch website features dramatic imagery and clear signposting to showcase the brand’s luxurious salons alongside an instant access online shop that details the broad range of high-end products that are available to purchase direct. A floating button invites visitors to book an appointment at any point in their exploration of the website, offering a constant call to action.

Salon Deliver is designed with a more corporate audience in mind. Simple fonts ensure clear legibility of content across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms while clearly defined navigation allows users to instantly link through to the services most relevant to them. A library of video content can be quickly and easily searched through with a secure area reserved for members who can log in to access details of products and prices exclusive to the trade.

The comments

When I asked the KAT team to help with these two websites, it was clear that each project had different requirements. Each of the contacts I worked with at KAT really understood the objectives we had and clearly communicated the best way to go about achieving these ambitions in a way that was cost effective and would stand the test of time

Jeff Letter, Salon Deliver and Mulberry & Flitch