St Helena Hospice

Promotional campaign to reach a community

What was the project?

St Helena Hospice provides specialist palliative and end of life care to local people facing incurable illness in northeast Essex, supporting them, their families, friends and carers.

The hospice wanted to raise awareness of the hospice care and bereavement services it provided in the Tendring district, with a particular objective of highlighting the `in the home` care delivered by St Helena carers and generating positive publicity around St Helena in Tendring.

What was involved?

KAT Marketing was given the task of developing a concept for this awareness activity. The campaign was to incorporate images that had been taken as part of a photoshoot featuring local nurses in the Tendring area.

These pictures were to be used in a series of billboard adverts and across social media, with graphics designed by KAT Marketing. This design work was also complemented by an updated look for St Helena Hospice's mailout to supporters which was delivered by KAT's design team.

Social Media Adverts

How did it go?

The overall campaign concept was built around the phrase 'At Home With You' which was selected to bring together the themes of how St Helena staff are in the same environment as the people they serve and have a similar affinity with the places where they live.

Adverts for the campaign used the provided images of nurses in key geographic locations within the Tendring region supported by headline details of the services that St Helena Hospice offers the local community. Each design showed a different member of the St Helena team in a different part of the Tendring district.

The results

Billboard locations were secured in key geographic locations in Clacton and Harwich and were booked over summer periods which would maximise the effectiveness of the adverts in these coastal locations. Meanwhile social media graphics were also shared across St Helena's main platforms.

Each advert featured a key fact to highlight the contribution that St Helena's nurses make to individuals and families within these local communities, with a clear call to action inviting audiences to visit the St Helena website for more information. Through this messaging and engagement on social media, the awareness campaign had a significant and positive impact on the understanding of the hospice's activities in Tendring.

The Comments

KAT Marketing played a key role in the success of our recent awareness campaign to promote the Hospice in the Home services St Helena provides to patients and families in the community. The team listened carefully to our brief to understand our requirements and were always on hand to offer insight and expertise. After creating the concept behind the campaign, the KAT team also produced a suite of design assets that have been used in a variety of different settings, both online and offline.

Sam Ellis, Marketing and Communications Manager - St Helena