The Oakridge Centre

A new website to reach new clients

What is the Oakridge Centre?

The Oakridge Centre works with a number of clients across the UK, playing a vital role in helping organisations navigate a changing world and enable leaders, managers and teams to be the best leaders, managers and teams. Bringing together a collection of highly skilled experts in people performance improvement, The Oakridge Centre delivers thought-leading and thought-provoking training for business leaders, embedded in key values of outcome focus, excellence and integrity. Established since 1997, The Oakridge Centre includes JCB, the NHS and Astra Zeneca among its distinguished client list.

What was involved?

The Oakridge Centre approached KAT Marketing looking for expertise to instigate the building of a new website. Over time, The Oakridge Centre’s website had become cluttered and dated, causing them to miss out on lead generation and new business opportunities. There were many aspects of content that needed updating, while the website also needed a refreshed layout to make areas of the website easier to navigate, more up to date with the latest aspects of design and much clearer so that users would be able to more simply find the information they were looking for.

The Oakridge Centre website was home to a hugely valuable resource of excellent information relating to business advice and training. However, users of the website were finding it increasingly difficult to access what they were looking for quickly and efficiently. With all of these considerations, the management team at The Oakridge Centre had decided that it was right to build a completely new website that would present the existing content in a more effective way, offering a more modern and accessible website for existing and potential clients.

How did it go?

The Oakridge Centre team visited the KAT Marketing offices for an initial consultation with KAT’s experts. This allowed them to clearly outline their objectives for the project, their ideal timeline and how different aspects of the product would need to be organised in order to fit in with the requirements of The Oakridge Centre staff whilst causing minimum amounts of disruption. With a clear framework agreed, KAT Marketing began to create some design suggestions for approval and, once signed off, the design and development began at pace.

One of the key aspects of the design was to make it easily editable, as The Oakridge Centre team wanted to have the flexibility to continue to add and edit content to the website moving forward. To assist with this, KAT Marketing provided a helpful User Guide and a monthly support package to give The Oakridge Centre quick and easy access to expert advice should problems arise in the future.

The results
More than 100
blog posts
integrated into
the new site
Nearly 50 training
services, all easy
to find
Diverse content brought under 1 consistent brand
What they said

From the very start of our website redesign project the KAT Marketing team have taken time to really get to know our business, our values and our clients. The redesign was a complicated project, yet the KAT Marketing team consistently made things as easy as possible for us, asking pertinent questions, checking in regularly, making invaluable suggestions and ensuring we were happy at each stage of the project. It was a real pleasure working with the team and we are delighted that we can continue to rely on their support in the future via their very comprehensive support package.

Simone Robinson, Interim Managing Director, Oakridge Centre