University of Suffolk

Delivering opportunities for business growth

What was the project?

KAT Marketing began working with University of Suffolk on a programme of engagement projects to deepen the relationships between the university and the wider business community across the county of Suffolk and beyond.

The main objective was to further develop commercial connections and highlight the business support projects available at University of Suffolk, working alongside the business engagement and collaboration team at the university.

What was involved?

KAT Marketing recommended a programme of direct engagement with the business community to develop new relationships and showcase the key benefits of the Knowledge Exchange programme provided by the university.

Core activities during the campaign included a networking event, case study videos, website content creation and a digital marketing campaign. In addition, KAT purchased 570 data records on behalf of UoS and created and distributed a series of e-shots to the purchased data, existing Mailchimp list and UoS contact list. The KAT team also made attrition calls in promotion of the event and the wider business services on offer at the university.

University of Suffolk in action
How did it go?

Branded as Inspired by Innovation, the networking event was attended by more than 100 guests, with more than 150 delegates having registered. In particular, the social media campaigns delivered a very effective return on investment with more than 2,873 link clicks through the Inspired by Innovation’s Eventbrite details.

Attrition calls were also very successful, raising awareness of UoS and the way it can support local businesses, leading to a number of calls for follow up by UoS. Five video case studies were created to showcase specific success stories which was supported by six original blog posts, providing engaging content that will remain valuable to the university for a long time to come.

The results
3,548 KAT’s Twitter
campaign delivered
close to 3,000 link clicks at a cost per click of just 12p.
KAT made over
200 calls leading
to 11 businesses
registering to
attend the event.
More than 30
new businesses
booked in for
relevant follow-up