Are You Digitally Fit for 2021?

18 Dec 2020

The race is on to get digitally fit for 2021!

Have you booked in a digital marketing strategy audit to see how your marketing plan stands up for the year ahead?

There are some key emerging trends already, with B2B continuing to focus on LinkedIn and influencer activities, in particular professional services are looking at the most influencer gains. An increased focus on partnerships, looking towards long term growth goals, is key and yet again, spending on organic growth will reduce for the upcoming year.

Personalised engagement is even more important than ever after a year of purely digital and often transactional business.

Trust has always been key to brand building but all companies have had to take a good long look at themselves this year and make statements about who they are, who they want to be and where they stand on important topical issues to their customers.

Spending on mobile and social media certainly peaked during the pandemic. With a renewed spotlight on mobile website optimisation and customer experiences on mobile devices, app creation and maintenance will slow down again for another year too.

Social media marketing spend will stay at new record high levels, so that is one constant we can see throughout uncertainty.

In terms of marketing strategy and ‘ways to do business,’ we saw speed and adaption really come into their own throughout the pandemic, alongside agile marketing, with the customer at the centre of their own sales experience being what really matters for now, 2021 and beyond. Fast response, innovation, collaboration and pressing forward are still all in play but looking ahead for next year, and 2022, with written planning for each strand of marketing and messaging behind your brand and objectives, are all as key now as they have ever been.

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