Building Brand Loyalty, Trust and Positivity

11 Jan 2021

Here we find ourselves in lockdown 3.0, back to reviewing workplace risk assessments and screen time overdose spent on Zoom (for a bit of fun, share with us your favourite phrases that have stemmed from this bizarre cultural reset using #LockdownLingo). 

But the difference with this current lockdown is that with the vaccines being rolled out by our heroic healthcare service, an end is in sight. So how can you, as a business, be there for your customers on a personal level during this lockdown, in turn building a positive reputation for your brand? 


Whether it’s delivering essential items to those in need, providing space and resources to assist with the vaccine rollout - or simply making people laugh and smile through social media, the best thing you can do right now as a company is feed some form of support and positivity back into the community. 


Always an important trait, but during a lockdown the last thing anyone needs is for their delivery to be later than expected or their needs not met. Be consistent. Timely deliveries, responses to queries from your customers, product or service quality and availability and convenience. This will encourage brand loyalty, as customers know what to expect when using your business and enjoy the experience each time. 

Meaningful Engagement 

Don’t just talk at your audience on social media, talk with them. People will feel a lot more personally connected with your brand through taking part in polls, Q&As, personalised responses to their comments on your posts and replies to their direct messages. Make the audience and customer feel like part of your brand, thanking them for their loyalty and getting them excited for the future. Show you care – without them, you would not be where you are today.

Customer Support and Aftercare

Don’t leave your customers high and dry after they’ve made a purchase or finished using your product or service. Offer them free and efficient customer support and aftercare services should they need further help or have any questions. The customer lifecycle doesn’t end after a transaction. 

If you think your marketing strategy could use a revamp to help you create a positive persona, build more trust with your customers and encourage brand loyalty then give the KAT team a call on 01206 765544.