Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

09 May 2022

The pandemic had, and continues to have, a considerable impact on our mental health, collectively and on personal levels.

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 9th-15th May this year and is an annual event which has been running for 21 years, set up by the Mental Health Foundation. It aims to present an opportunity for whole of the UK to bring their attention towards achieving good mental health for all. The event has been a huge success and has grown significant awareness across the UK and globally.

With Loneliness as this year’s focus, this week is dedicated towards taking practical steps to reduce loneliness and overall improve our mental health as a society. Keeping connected with others is a vital part of shielding our mental health and unfortunately, loneliness is touching more and more of us in the UK, which is why the campaign’s hashtag, #IveBeenThere, will really resonate with people this year. Together, we need to find ways to turn the tide.

So, how can you market your brand in a way to minimise loneliness for your followers?

Educate your audience – It is no secret how much social media consumes our day-to-day lives – we are all guilty of the endless scrolling. If there is the perfect way to spread awareness, it can be right at your fingertips. Send a message, create a post, take a selfie, share a guide. Every single post, be it an Instagram story or a blog, can help that educate that little bit further.

Connect with your supporters – We all love the followers who send us bursts of engagement and endless support. Send them the love back and return a message to admire their support. It’s time to get interactive! Take part in creating interactive posts and creatives with open-ended questions across socials. Polls, ‘this or that’s and questions of the week are sure to get your social crowd clicking. Building up a bond with your following can help establish trust as well as reduce loneliness.

Run a feel-good event – The recent pandemic took away our much-loved freedom of meeting and socialising with others. If there is ever a time to organise an event, it would be now – we have two years of making up to do! Events could run the perfect path towards helping others suffering with loneliness, as well as promoting your brand image. Run an event, the kind that leaves you feeling good.

Participate in charitable fundraiser – Donate, spread the word, volunteer and show your customers just how much you care as a brand and an individual. Running fundraisers is a marvellous way of bringing people together and supporting your community.

If this blog has motivated you to rethink your marketing strategy and how you interact with your audience, give the KAT team a call on 01206 765544. We would be delighted to help.