KAT Marketing Releases Their Debut Series of NFTs

27 May 2022

The team at KAT has created their own inaugural series of NFTs, which are a photograph collection from an exclusive shoot to celebrate female empowerment and females supporting each other. The title of this initial series is called 'From one Queen to another'.

The first trio of images will preview for sale on OpenSea at the start of the Jubilee week, as a nod to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the ultimate Queen. Each of the photographs from the collection will be original and unique to the buyer and will showcase different female relationships and the ways woman can adjust their crowns to stand tall and will always have each other’s back.

Following hot on the heels of this debut collection, KAT has planned a second series of pieces of artwork, created in partnership with artist Jenny Leonard and showcasing female collaboration.

KAT Marketing is inviting Essex businesses, creatives and artists to take a step into the male-dominated world of NFT creation and work with them in unique female collaborations for a new suite of NFTs.

Katie Skingle, Director of KAT Marketing, said: “Working alongside other creative, innovative individuals and organisations has been a long-held passion for us at KAT Marketing. It is clear that NFTs are not only going to be a ground-breaking new tool for marketeers, but will become an ever-present in all areas of our lives.

“KAT always aims to be at the forefront of industry additions and changes, and so creating our own unique NFTs was an obvious first step into this new world. We want to invite and inspire other creatives ready to make that step to join us on this journey and play our part in shaping a future virtual space that is good for local business and inspirational for local women too.”

Essex businesswoman Krystal Prince, who appears as a pregnant woman in the debut photography series of KAT NFTs, said: “Preparing to welcome my new baby into the world makes me think carefully about what the future is going to look like. Our engagement with each other through the internet is only going to increase and we have a chance now to start to shape our virtual world.

“It has taken a long time for women to even start to change the real world to create spaces for women that are not dominated by men. In the new virtual world we have the chance to get this right from the very beginning.”

KAT’s next steps are to create a cast of NFT avatars which include woman of all ages in a narrative that highlights the limitless opportunities for all women that exists within a metaverse-style virtual world. The storyline behind the female characters showcases how women of all ages can not only play their part in the new world of virtual reality, but also shape and create it.