Our Team – #Future15

22 Jul 2022

As our #Future15 celebrations continue, we have taken some time to sit back and admire the importance of a team – a group of individuals who share a common goal. It is no secret that our exceptional crew has had a huge impact on the success of KAT and will continue to flourish within our future projects.

Here are some words from our Managing Director, Katie Skingle:

“The team is the most important part of any business – they have your back and you have theirs. It's important to make sure that the people that work for you are driven by the same requirement for excellence and achievement and that they care as much as you care about the delivery of service and results. Once you know that the skillsets are there, and that being the best at what you do is a natural part of their character, then I also highly recommend that you hire people you enjoy spending time with! Especially in a full-service agency as you'll be working closely together as one unit and spending lots of time in small numbers together. You have to like each other for that to work. And I love my KAT Chatters! Team is the hardest thing to get right and you learn a lot as you continue in business, not just who you want to work with client-wise, but about who you want to have work for you and represent what your company is all about. KAT is a safe space and a dynamic place for ideas with the strength of project management being the real differential between ourselves and other marketing companies. I'm proud of the culture established within KAT and every day I'm grateful to the team that work with me.”

Over the next 12 months, the KAT Pack will each be reflecting on their time before, and at, KAT, sharing their experiences and guidance from their journey – celebrating their special moments and goals.

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